Prevention in Focus

Spring 2019 

PrEP use among gbMSM: What does it mean for STI prevention?

A review of the available evidence on whether PrEP could help or hinder STI prevention efforts among gbMSM in Canada.

By Mallory Harrigan

Views from the front lines: PrEP and sexually transmitted infections among gbMSM

We speak to service providers and community workers across the country about stigma, STIs, and monitoring for gbMSM on PrEP.

Micro-elimination of hepatitis C: A pathway to achieve national elimination goals

An exploration of the concept of micro-elimination of hepatitis C, sharing results from international initiatives and modelling studies.

By Rivka Kushner

Party and play in Canada: What is its impact on gay men’s health?

A look at the phenomenon of party and play (PnP) in Canada, its associated risks, and how service providers can support gbMSM who use drugs during sex.

By Zak Knowles

Opioid agonist therapy: Does it have a role to play in helping to prevent hepatitis C and HIV?

A review of the evidence showing the benefits of opioid agonist therapy (OAT) and a look at some ways to facilitate better access in Canada.

By Mallory Harrigan

Think link: Programmatic approaches for successful linkage to HIV care

This evidence review outlines findings on HIV linkage to care programs, focusing on barriers and supporting elements to linkage programming.

By Amanda Giacomazzo

Resources on undetectable viral load and the sexual transmission of HIV

A list of resources demonstrating how Canadian organizations have been spreading the message of U=U.

By Erica Lee


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