Prevention in Focus

Spring 2018 

The Programming Connection: Programs and resources

The Programming Connection is an online toolkit that highlights models of frontline programs that provide HIV and hepatitis C prevention, care, treatment and support. It also features a selection of resources to help in program planning, delivery and evaluation. This toolkit aims to inspire community-based service providers to develop new practices appropriate to their circumstances and facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking.

Below is a selection of Programming Connection case studies and resources you might find useful. Visit the Programming Connection to view the full collection.

Health Promotion Case Management Program

The Health Promotion Case Management (HPCM) program provides short-term (less than six months), outreach-based case management to individuals at ongoing high risk for HIV infection who could use support to remain HIV negative. The program works with clients to decrease their vulnerability to HIV by providing case management to clients to help them develop the self-efficacy and personal skills that strengthen their resiliency. The objective of HPCM is to improve clients’ self-management skills and, through a care plan, to develop a web of service providers that helps clients remain HIV negative in the long term. Through strong community partnerships, HPCM reduces silos and improves integrated healthcare for people at ongoing high risk for HIV infection.

Providing health promotion case management to gay, bisexual and other MSM in the Fraser Health Authority

This program element focuses on the work of one of the HCPM case managers who works with MSM in Surrey and New Westminster, which are suburbs of Vancouver. Although the case manager works at AIDS Vancouver, which has long worked with gay, bisexual and other MSM, they also work twice a week in Surrey and New Westminster. This work is facilitated through partnerships with Health Initiative for Men (HIM) and the Fraser Health STOP Team who offer clinics in those cities.

Providing health promotion case management to Indigenous peoples in Vancouver

This program element focuses on the work of HPCM case manager who works with Indigenous peoples in Vancouver who are at ongoing high risk for HIV infection. This case manager works primarily at AIDS Vancouver, but has also spent time working onsite at an Indigenous-serving organization in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This organization is housed in a building that includes many other Indigenous agencies and services and was chosen because it is already known to Indigenous clients, is close to other Indigenous-serving organizations, and is close to where many Indigenous people live.

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