Prevention in Focus

Spring 2017 

A newly revamped Programming Connection gets Bright Ideas

CATIE is pleased to announce changes to Programming Connection, its online toolkit that highlights promising approaches to frontline programs in HIV and hepatitis C prevention, testing, treatment, care and support.

Programming Connection presents the research evidence that supports the development, implementation and strengthening of program approaches. It also highlights innovative programs that have proven successful in the field and can serve as inspiration for others involved in developing programs.

In addition to evidence reviews which synthesize the available research on specific approaches, and evidence briefs which review a single study on a specific program, Programming Connection now offers Bright Ideas, quick takes on innovative programs across Canada. Originally published in The CATIE Exchange, Bright Ideas now finds a permanent home in Programming Connection.

With this addition and the continued growth of evidence- and practice-based information, Programming Connection has broadened and deepened its offerings to inform and inspire program developers across the country.

If you have any feedback or know of a successful program in your region, please contact us at: