Prevention in Focus

Fall 2021 

Simplifying the road to hepatitis C diagnosis: Reflex testing in Canada

A look at how reflex testing works and how it fits into hepatitis C testing in Canada. 

By Shannon Elliot

A resurgence of syphilis in Canada: Who is being affected most and what interventions are needed?

A summary of key parts of a Canadian report on syphilis including epidemiological trends and proposed interventions to control syphilis. 

By Mallory Harrigan

The drug toxicity and overdose crisis in Canada: a snapshot of what the current data tell us

A snapshot of recent data on opioid and stimulant related harms in Canada.

By Amanda Giacomazzo, Magnus Nowell and Laurel Challacombe

Integrating hepatitis C testing and treatment into community settings or primary care to reach priority populations

A summary of a systematic review that looks at the impact of decentralizing and task-shifting hepatitis C treatment services.

By Christopher Hoy

Sage: A resource-sharing community for Canadian HIV and hepatitis C service providers

An overview of the newly relaunched Sage resource, which helps people working in HIV and hepatitis C to share and find resources and information. 

By Erica Lee


CATIE would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this issue of Prevention in Focus: Josephine Aho, Sofia Bartlett, Denise Bérubé, Joanna Binch, Laurel Challacombe, Magali Cloutier Provencher, Jocelyne Demers-Owoka, Melisa Dickie, Laurie Edmiston, Shannon Elliot, Amanda Giacomazzo, Mallory Harrigan, Christie Johnston, Zak Knowles, Erica Lee, Ali Murphy, Magnus Nowel, Ethel Perez, Catherine Poëzévara, Tim Rogers, Carol Strike, Jennifer Thomas, Ashorkor Tetteh and Matthew Watson.

Editorial team: Camille Arkell, Laurel Challacombe, Shannon Elliot, Amanda Giacomazzo, Mallory Harrigan, Magnus Nowell


Following the recent passing of Zak Knowles, we would like to dedicate this issue to him. Zak co-created Prevention in Focus and was its long-time leader, as well as a frequent writer, reviewer and contributor. Zak will not only be remembered for his tremendous knowledge and expertise, but also for the grace, wit and joy that he brought to this and many other teams at CATIE. Zak's leadership, attention to detail and enthusiasm for his work have made a lasting impact on the people that knew him. We will think of him often and always miss him.