Prevention in Focus

Fall 2020 

HIV self-testing: Learning from international program models to increase testing

Self-testing in Canada – learning from international HIV self-testing program models.

By Amanda Giacomazzo

From the front lines: Adapting programs in response to COVID-19

We speak to service providers from Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador on how they have adapted HIV, hepatitis C and harm reduction programming in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PrEP and PEP for sexually transmitted infections: what do we know about doxycycline as a strategy to prevent syphilis and chlamydia?

A look at sexually transmitted infection prophylaxis, the available research on its effectiveness, as well as the potential consequences of its use.

By Mallory Harrigan

How can we eliminate hepatitis C in prisons? Strategies for a Canadian response

What are the challenges associated with hepatitis C in Canadian prisons and the potential strategies to address them?

By Christopher Hoy

What are the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing HIV self-testing in Canada?

A summary of a literature review examining the challenges and opportunities associated with HIV self-testing that may help us to better implement HIV self-testing in Canada.

By Erica Lee

Sharing information on COVID-19, HIV and hepatitis C with clients

Resources that HIV and hepatitis C service providers can use to share information on COVID-19 with their clients. 

By Erica Lee


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