Prevention in Focus

Fall 2018 

Harm reduction in action: Supervised consumption services and overdose prevention sites

We take a look at the increasingly important roles of supervised consumption services and overdose prevention sites in Canada’s current harm reduction response.

By Camille Arkell

Views from the front lines: Supervised consumption services and overdose prevention sites

We spoke to two service providers about their experiences setting up and running a supervised consumption service and an overdose prevention site.

Hepatitis C versus the immune system: the biology of hepatitis C transmission

A look at the journey of hepatitis C from when a person is exposed to the virus to the development of a chronic infection and how the body tries to prevent it.

By Scott Anderson

PrEP for understudied populations: Exploring questions about efficacy and safety

What we know about PrEP use during pregnancy and when chestfeeding (breastfeeding), and its use by trans women, trans men and people who inject drugs.

By Camille Arkell

Health Navigation in HIV Services: A review of the evidence

We reviewed the available scientific evidence to determine if health navigation improves patient outcomes for people with HIV.

By Amanda Giacomazzo and Laurel Challacombe

Dried blood spot testing: Accurate for both hepatitis C screening and confirmatory tests

A summary of two systematic reviews that look at the accuracy of dried blood spot testing for the screening and confirmatory testing of hepatitis C.

By Erica Lee

Research Update: Canadian study shows changes in attitudes about treatment as prevention among HIV-positive and HIV-negative MSM

The Momentum Health Study finds that HIV-negative MSM are less believing in the benefits of treatment as prevention compared to HIV-positive MSM.

By Mallory Harrigan

Programming resources for peer health navigation in HIV

A quick peek at the peer navigation web portal and the tools and resources available to implement the recently published peer health navigation practice guidelines.

By Erica Lee


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