Prevention in Focus

Fall 2017 

Getting to undetectable: Population differences in Canada

This article explores what we know about getting to undetectable in Canada. However, not everyone taking ART has an undetectable viral load and this article looks at why this may be.

By Camille Arkell

Views from the front lines: Getting to undetectable

We spoke to three service providers to find their views and insights on the challenges facing their clients in getting an undetectable viral load.

The routine offer of HIV testing in primary care settings: A review of the evidence

We reviewed the available scientific evidence to determine if routine HIV testing in primary care settings improves HIV testing outcomes.

By Logan Broeckaert and Laurel Challacombe

Practice Guidelines for Peer Health Navigation for People Living with HIV: A new program development resource for community-based organizations (Part 1)

This article reviews the evidence that supports HIV health navigation, explains the soon to be published guidelines, and provides an overview of the recommendations on assessing whether such a program is right for your agency and clients.

By Logan Broeckaert

What factors increase the effectiveness of behavioural interventions for HIV prevention?

This article summarizes a large systematic review that evaluated the factors that impact the effectiveness of behavioural interventions to prevent sexual transmission of HIV and other STIs.

By Erica Lee

Research Update: Supervised injection facilities in Canada: past present and future

A recent review looks at the history and future of SIFs in Canada and the impact of peers in the history and future of SIFs.

By Zak Knowles

Canadian HIV treatment, care and support guidelines

This article highlights Canadian national and provincial guidelines on HIV treatment, care and support.

By Erica Lee


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