Prevention in Focus

Fall 2014 

Couples HIV Testing and Counselling

Couples HIV testing and counselling, a new testing approach for MSM, is being used in the U.S. We look at its advantages and disadvantages, and how it is being taken up in Canada.

By Zak Knowles

Views from the front lines: Couples testing and counselling

We spoke to three service providers about their thoughts on couples testing and counselling in Canada.

Getting to the bottom of it: Anal sex, rectal fluid, and HIV transmission

Can rectal fluid contain and transmit HIV? We look at the evidence and the implications for prevention education.

By James Wilton

“You may have come into contact with…”: HIV Contact Tracing in Canada

We review what is known about the acceptability and effectiveness of contact tracing strategies and take a look at new technologies and promising approaches used for contact tracing in Canada.

By Logan Broeckaert and Margaret Haworth-Brockman

Safer Crack Cocaine Smoking Equipment Distribution: Comprehensive Best Practice Guidelines

Key recommendations for Canadian harm reduction programs that distribute safer crack cocaine smoking equipment.

By Carol Strike, Hemant Gohil and Tara Marie Watson

Single-session interventions to reduce HIV and STI risk behaviours: How well do they work?

A recent literature review and analysis found that single-session behavioural interventions are effective at reducing STI and HIV risk. We look at the findings and the implications for frontline service providers.

By James Wilton

Sage: A resource-sharing community for Canadian HIV and hepatitis C service providers

Sage, a new online tool, helps people working in HIV and hepatitis C to share and find models and tools for program planning and delivery.

By Erica Lee


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