Prevention in Focus

Fall 2011 

The Programming Connection: programs and resources

The Programming Connection is an online toolkit that highlights models of frontline programs that provide HIV and hepatitis C prevention, care, treatment and support. It also features a selection of resources to help in program planning, delivery and evaluation. This toolkit aims to inspire community-based service providers to develop new practices appropriate to their circumstances and facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking.

Below is a selection of Programming Connection case studies and resources you might find useful. Visit the Programming Connection to view the full collection.

Overdose Prevention Project, Streetworks

This project—currently the only one of its kind in Canada—aims to prevent death in the event that an overdose occurs. The project trains people who use opiates to recognize the signs of a drug overdose and to respond by administering artificial respiration and naloxone. This empowers these individuals to become active in their own care and the care of the people in their community.

Check out this case study to learn how Streetworks received funding for this project and has successfully prevented at least 10 overdoses and trained more than 50 people.

ORCHID, ASIA (Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS)

 This unique, peer-led outreach program for Asian women who work as sex workers in massage parlours is designed to:

  • increase the ability of sex workers to make informed decisions about their sexual health;
  • negotiate safer-sex practices with clients;
  • understand their legal rights as sex workers (and immigrants); and
  • establish a community support network.

Check out this case study to see ORCHID’s resources and learn how the program’s frontline workers successfully establish long-term, positive relationships with business managers and sex workers employed in massage parlours.

Resources for Program Planning

Visit this collection to view resources that may be helpful to frontline managers and staff in the planning of programs. It includes key resources from Canadian and international organizations as well as evaluation tools.