Prevention in Focus

Fall 2011 

Fear-based campaigns: The way forward or backward?

Fear-based campaigns dramatically divide activists. New York City’s “It’s Never Just HIV” campaign has reignited the debate. The question is: Do fear-based campaigns work?

Zak Knowles and Laurel Challacombe

Views from the front lines: Fear-based campaigns

Four people share their views on the “It’s never just HIV” campaign and fear-based messaging.

Recently infected individuals: A priority for HIV prevention

Why are recently infected individuals more likely to transmit HIV to others? How can we prevent these transmissions from occurring?

James Wilton

From exposure to infection: The biology of HIV transmission

We know that HIV is transmitted is through sex—but how does the virus infect someone after they have been exposed to HIV during sex? Follow HIV’s journey from exposure to infection.

By James Wilton

Find it on the web: How to map a successful search strategy

Searching on the web is a lot like taking a road trip: You need a strategy to get where you want to go. Here are seven basic steps to follow to develop an effective online search strategy.

By Lauren Plews


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