Programming Connection

Totally Outright 

Health Initiative for Men (HiM)
British Columbia

Why Was the Program Developed?

The CBRC and HIM see youth as critical to the success of the GBTQ men’s health movement, but not all GBTQ men get the opportunity to make a significant contribution. Further, a number of challenges still face these men. The Sex Now surveys, conducted by the CBRC, identified that several critical gaps exist in the health education of young queer men, including gaps in knowledge about HIV and sexually transmitted infections, how to access gay, bisexual, trans* and queer-friendly services and how to meet other guys outside of bars or clubs.

In addition, Sex Now confirmed that guys are facing these gaps while also facing issues related to stigma, marginalization and mental health concerns. The researchers reported that many young men feel that their need for more mentorship and guidance, and ultimately their desire to be more involved in their community, were not being addressed anywhere.

Totally Outright was originally delivered in 2005 as a sexual health leaders’ course specifically for GBTQ men who were not able to access sexual health information that spoke to their needs in high school. Over the years, the program has evolved and expanded. Totally Outright’s appeal has broadened, and it now attracts young men who also may be interested in issues related to mental health, anti-oppression frameworks, harm reduction and other areas.