Programming Connection

Totally Outright 

Health Initiative for Men (HiM)
British Columbia


HIM staff assesses the course material, the presentations, structure, group dynamic and environment in three ways:

  1. Participants fill out evaluation forms that include both close-ended and open-ended questions during the final day of the training.
  2. Participants and facilitators offer closing reflections about what the course was like for them during the closing debrief.
  3. Facilitators are invited to attend a dinner to hear the results of the evaluation and discuss their impressions of the program with each other.

Overall, the evaluations of Totally Outright have been very positive. HIM has confirmed that participants truly value the fieldwork as a unique opportunity to engage with other GBTQ men. Further, many noted that they see Totally Outright as a great way to meet other men their age, outside of a bar or club.

The program has also had a positive effect on the professional development of many participants. A number of Totally Outright graduates are now HIM staff, including one program manager, the outreach and online engagement coordinator and the outreach coordinator. Other graduates have found work at YouthCO, Qmunity and the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Some key quotes from participants that show the impact that Totally Outright had on them:

“Totally Outright has reinforced my belief that gay men can be successful, can have fulfilling lives and careers, can be surrounded by a positive group of friends, and can be healthy. It sounds so corny, but I have never felt so strongly that ‘gay is okay’…”

“Totally Outright had a large impact on me. The holistic health approach with a gay perspective—you don’t get it anywhere else.”

“Totally Outright has left me feeling committed, powerful and optimistic. Committed to making a difference in the gay community and seeing how many ways there are to do that. Powerful because I know I can make that difference and I know there are others out there working very hard. Optimistic because while gay might be good, it’s going to get better!”

“Most enjoyable was getting to interact with a great group of people in a gay friendly setting that didn’t relate to looking for sex.”

For some useful information and tips on how to conduct an evaluation of a Totally Outright program, please see the Facilitators Guide.