Programming Connection

Totally Outright 

Health Initiative for Men (HiM)
British Columbia


  • Generating initial interest. Generating interest in the program can be a challenge at the start: it can be a challenge to excite young men about a 40-hour program that requires the sacrifice of two weekends, but after the program has been delivered once, interest is spread by word of mouth.
  • The development of cliques. Cliques can form among participants, so the program coordinator needs to look for signs of anyone being excluded and should organize groups in a way that includes all participants.
  • Funding. At times, it has been challenging to find sufficient funding to cover the cost of the program as it was envisioned.
  • Finding an organization that can maintain engagement after the program is completed. There is a need for this program to be attached to an organization that can engage the young men once the course ends. It is not enough to just train these youth; they need a place where they can continue their involvement.