Programming Connection

TAHAH: Towards Aboriginal Health and Healing Program 

Vancouver STOP Project
Vancouver, British Columbia


TAHAH is required to conduct ongoing evaluations of clinical indicators of client well-being as part of its funding arrangement with the Vancouver STOP project. TAHAH staff also report on the following:

  • the number of clients actively receiving support from TAHAH
  • the number of clients who graduate from TAHAH
  • the number of clients engaged in care with a family physician (at VNHS or elsewhere)
  • the number of clients who are on HIV treatment with a viral load of less than 200 copies/mL
  • the number of clients with CD4 counts less than 200 cells/mm3 who are not on antiretroviral therapy
  • the number of clients who have completed social housing and/or disability benefit applications
  • the number of clients placed in social housing and/or on disability benefits
  • the number of clients who claim to be food secure.

TAHAH assesses its success using both the indicators outlined above and staff’s perception of how well their clients are moving toward long-term stabilization, which is a challenging thing to gauge. They evaluate this progress by looking at and celebrating both small and large positive changes in individual people’s lives, such as indications that a client’s priorities are increasingly aligning with a commitment to accessing healthcare and related services.