Programming Connection

STOP Outreach Team 

Vancouver STOP Project
Vancouver, British Columbia

Why Was the Program Developed?

The goal of the provincial STOP Project is to expand HIV testing, treatment and support services to clinically eligible people. However, even with the extensive services available in Vancouver, some people have not been linking effectively to, or staying engaged in, care. The Vancouver STOP Project, a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care, developed the STOP Outreach Team to expand low-barrier HIV testing and diagnosis services and significantly enhance linkage to, and engagement in, HIV and related services for some of the most marginalized people in Vancouver.

Part of the vision for this team was to provide clinical, intensive case management to people newly diagnosed with HIV and to HIV-positive people aware of their status but not engaged in care as a way to improve linkage and retention in care. The vision included a commitment to doing this through outreach, which filled a gap in the existing system of engagement and linkage in the city, particularly outside of the densely serviced Downtown Eastside.