Programming Connection

Sexual Health Information Project (SHIP) 

Griffin Centre Mental Health Services


The drop-in groups at reachOUT, including Compass, were evaluated in April 2008 through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Using a survey and one-on-one interviews, the evaluation collected data from 35 current and former participants in the program. Some of the key findings of this evaluation confirmed the relevance of the key objectives of the reachOUT program as well as the need for the safe space of the drop-in groups. The findings also recognized the continued need for community building and contributed to the growth and development of Compass, with its focus on putting LGBTQ youth labelled with intellectual disabilities in touch with each other across Ontario. In its recommendation for an increased diversification of activities for youth served by the program, the evaluation contributed to the formation of SHIP, with its focus on the involvement of Consultants and participants in the creation of awareness-raising resources. To review the evaluation report, see “Program Materials.”

To gain a deeper understanding of the sexual health needs of LGBTQ people labelled with intellectual disabilities, reachOUT has partnered with the HIV and Youth with Disabilities research project including Sarah Flicker, Ciann Wilson and Alex McClelland from York University; Stephanie Nixon from University of Toronto; Denise Nepveux from Syracuse University; Devon Proudfoot from Duke University; and Zack Marshall from Memorial University of Newfoundland. This team has presented results at the Canadian Association for HIV Research, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, and the Critical Junctures conference at University of Guelph and recently submitted three articles for publication on this work.