Programming Connection


HIV Community Link
Calgary, Alberta

Required Resources

Human Resources

Shift employs two full-time staff: a Program Coordinator and a Case Manager. The program is also supported by HIV Community Link’s full-time Outreach Worker who spends part of his weekly hours on Shift outreach. Shift also relies on one volunteer who supports street-level outreach.

Characteristics of staff members and volunteers that contribute to program success:

  • Approachable and non-judgmental; conscious of their own values, prejudices, attitudes, and behaviour, as well as the motivations informing them
  • Able to comfortably communicate all individuals currently or previously involved in sex work
  • Knowledgeable about the safety and health issues common to sex workers
  • Able to validate and focus on the needs of sex workers
  • Aware of other local community organizations, their roles and referral procedures

Material Resources

  • A safe venue that offers a comfortable and private space for counselling, group support programming and drop-in services
  • Safer sex supplies: condoms, dental dams, gloves and lube

Financial Resources

Aside from the cost of hiring staff and maintaining the Calgary Cares Centre, expenses associated with maintaining the program are minimal as the bulk of advertising the program is done by word of mouth. The cost of safer sex supplies is currently around $70 per month.