Programming Connection

Sexuality...Let's Talk About It! 

First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission

What is the Program?

Sexuality...Let’s Talk About It! is a community-based program that aims to increase awareness and improve attitudes about sexual health among First Nations and Inuit youth (referred to collectively here as Aboriginal youth) who are between the ages of 10 and 29 and who live outside of their communities of origin, in order to reduce risky behavior and prevent unplanned pregnancies, STIs and HIV, and intimate partner violence. Given the considerable disparity in age, education and awareness of issues related to sexuality among the target clientele, the program consists of a series of short exercises that are accessible to youth from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences presented over the course of two short workshops. Lunch can be served between the two workshops.

The short exercises use arts-based projects, role-playing and discussions around written and filmed scenarios to encourage participants to explore topics related to sexuality that can have an important impact on their life experience. This largely participatory approach is culturally relevant to Aboriginal youth living in an urban setting. The workshops provide participants with an opportunity for asking questions about sexuality in a safe environment. Though the workshops focus predominantly on heterosexual relationships, resources on same-sex and/or same-gender relationships are included in the supporting literature presented to participants.