Programming Connection

Sexuality...Let's Talk About It! 

First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission

Required Resources

Human resources

One enthusiastic and personable facilitator experienced working with Aboriginal youth, who understands their reality is essential to the success of the workshops. A co-facilitator meeting the same criteria can also be beneficial. Facilitators must be aware that youth from several communities may be present in the same workshop and should be prepared to tailor material to meet the different needs of youth from communities with very different levels of awareness of the topics covered.

To date, the program has been administered by the Program Officer, but anyone who is qualified and understands Aboriginal realities and ways of life is encouraged to facilitate the workshops using FNQLHSSC’s detailed guides (see Program Materials for a copy of the facilitator guides).

Material resources

  • Computer and projector for PowerPoint and video presentations
  • A folder for each participant with brochures, support documents, training evaluation, lexicon, resources, brochures and registration forms
  • Art supplies such as cardboard, crayons, paper and pencils
  • Food and refreshments

Please see Program Materials for copies of support materials.

Financial resources

Total expenses for the two-part workshop series can range from as little as $50 to thousands, depending on the number of participants recruited, travel expenses and whether facilitators are recruited on a volunteer or paid basis. Expenses include:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Food and refreshments (if applicable)
  • Additional travel expenses (if applicable)