Programming Connection

Sexuality...Let's Talk About It! 

First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission


Comparing participants’ pre- and post-test scores revealed an increase in knowledge about STIs, safer sex, intimate relationships and intimate partner violence as a result of their participation in the workshops.

Additionally, during the program’s one-year “breaking-in” period (April 2009 to March 2010), a discussion was held after each workshop to gather participants’ comments and evaluate the quality of the work accomplished.

According to the Program Officer, Christine Godbout-Sioui, “Participants didn’t know that there were so many STIs, and they were unaware of the risks of contracting them. They asked a lot of questions during and after the workshops. They say it’s fun to be able to talk about sex here because they don’t have anywhere else where they can talk about it and get the answers they need.”

Participants also became more aware of the dangers of falling into violent behaviours within their intimate relationships. “After these workshops they appear to be better equipped to realize that violence prevention has a positive impact on STI prevention,” Godbout-Sioui says.

Workshops are adapted regularly based on the answers provided during evaluations. Based on the youths’ responses, for example, the program has been expanded to allow more room for discussions on STIs and pregnancy, and the terms used in the workshops have been revised to include language that is readily understood by the youths.