Programming Connection

Harm Reduction Satellite Sites Program 

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre
Toronto, ON

Why Was the Program Developed?

The program was developed to reduce barriers that people face when trying to access harm reduction supplies, including barriers such as distance to services that distribute supplies, limited hours of operation of these services and the need for discretion when accessing harm reduction supplies. The program allows low-barrier access to drug use supplies, overdose response and other supports by expanding the coverage of existing harm reduction programs, both in terms of opening hours and geography. The program also provides a low-threshold point of entry to health and social services through informal referral networks created by SSWs.

The Harm Reduction Satellite Sites Program has evolved over time to increasingly address issues related to the overdose crisis by providing supports that are more specific to overdose prevention and response (e.g., SSWs provide naloxone and offer training on how to use it, and they share information about drug alerts and bad batches).