Programming Connection

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: Sanguen Health Centre  

Sanguen Health Centre
Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario

Required Resources

  1. Community coordinator. Develops partnerships and relationships with other agencies to improve service delivery for Sanguen’s clients.
  2. Manager, outreach, education and prevention services. Manages the peer program, develops relationships with frontline service providers. Offers workshops, education and prevention services to clients and other agencies.
  3. Nurses. At least one nurse for every 25 clients on treatment. Provide testing, treatment and monitoring services.
  4. Social worker. Provides psychosocial assistance to Sanguen clients, including case management, counselling, accompaniment, advocacy and referrals.
  5. Peers. Provide peer support, outreach services and referrals to people at risk for or living with hepatitis C.