Programming Connection

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: Sanguen Health Centre  

Sanguen Health Centre
Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario

Lessons Learned

Sanguen Health Centre has learned a number of important ways to provide effective services to their clients.

  1. Work within the client’s agenda. Sanguen’s ultimate goal is to prevent and treat hepatitis C, but that may not be something that clients want to address initially. Instead, staff meet each client where they are at and listen to their needs and address them one by one.
  2. Be flexible. Flexibility in creating relationships with clients and other service providers has improved Sanguen’s capacity to establish and maintain these relationships. Both service providers and clients need to feel like working with Sanguen improves service delivery.
  3. Provide supervision for peer workers. Providing specific, paid time for peers to see a social worker has improved the integration of peer workers in the health centre. These meetings provide dedicated space for them to talk through their personal and professional problems while also allowing them to build relationships with other team members.