Programming Connection

Remote Outreach Project 

Blood Ties Four Directions Centre

Required Resources

Human Resources

  • 1 Project Coordinator
  • 1 Community Health Representative (CHR) per community
  • an HIV-positive Aboriginal person to attend a workshop and tell her/his story (if available)

The character of the Project Coordinator is critical to the success of this project. The staff person does not have to be a First Nations person but must demonstrate: 

  • comfort in remote northern First Nations communities
  • respect for First Nations culture and ways of life
  • ability to design and facilitate workshops that are culturally appropriate to First Nations communities
  • ease working independently in remote areas, where feelings of isolation are common

Material Resources

  • HIV Transmission: Guidelines for Assessing Risk: A Resource for Educators, Counsellors and Health Care Providers (Canadian AIDS Society)
  • Movies to encourage discussion about HIV and hepatitis-C-related stigma
  • Basic movie projection equipment (Television, VCR or DVD player)
  • Food and refreshments

Financial Resources

  • The annual cost of the Remote Outreach Project, which is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, not including staff compensation, is approximately $65 000, most of which covers the cost of extensive travel to remote communities.
  • $100 to $200 per community visit to cover the cost of food