Programming Connection

Remote Outreach Project 

Blood Ties Four Directions Centre

Lessons Learned

  • Building strong ongoing relationships with trusted community leaders can take time but is critical in reaching remote Aboriginal communities. 
  • It is possible for non-Aboriginal organizations that are respectful of Aboriginal culture and ways of life to build strong relationships and work effectively with Aboriginal communities.
  • Community meals, gatherings and even informal encounters can serve as invaluable settings for trust building and education.
  • Using examples that reflect local experiences helps to illustrate and engage participants in HIV and HCV transmission information.
  • Movie nights can attract community members and create the basis for dynamic discussions.
  • Once established, relationships with remote communities are best maintained through semi-annual (or more frequent) visits. 
  • In small remote communities, “capacity building” is sometimes best accomplished through continuous, long-term engagement (e.g. ongoing community visits) rather than one-off activities.