Programming Connection

Positive Self-Management Program  

The Gilbert Centre for Social and Support Services



The original version of the PSMP has been evaluated in the literature. A randomized controlled trial found that the PSMP improves self-efficacy to manage HIV symptoms and improves short-term (six months) adherence to HIV treatment, as compared with the use of printed materials.

The Gilbert Centre has delivered the PSMP to 31 participants to date.

The Gilbert Centre collects information regarding the delivery and outcomes associated with a workshop series using pre- and post-evaluations under the guidance of the SMRC. Collection of this information is ongoing and results are not available at this time. The proposed evaluation includes the following:

  • A questionnaire that gathers information on: demographics; general health; fatigue level; pain level; self-efficacy to manage the disease; depression; working with physicians; use of the healthcare system; patient activation level; and quality of life. The survey takes place at baseline and six months after completion of the program.
  • Focus groups take place six to nine months after completion of the program and are used to gather information on what was learned during the program, as well as information on whether this has led to changes in the lives of participants. Between 10 and 15 people participate in each focus group.