Programming Connection

Positive Service Coordination  

LOFT Community Services, McEwan Housing and Support Services

Why Was the Program Developed?

Positive Service Coordination (PSC) was developed in 2009 to address two ongoing challenges that McEwan Housing and Support Services, a LOFT program, was facing. First, McEwan received referrals for housing and support services when people were discharged from hospitals, clinics and jails. It was often difficult for McEwan to reach these potential clients because of the lack of coordination between the discharging facility and McEwan, and many of them were lost to care.

Second, other community agencies—many of whom became formal partners in PSC—were referring potential members who were high users of the health and judicial systems to McEwan for respite care, housing support and community support. These members had very high needs when referred that were not being met through existing LOFT programs and services.

LOFT and its community partners worked to develop a program that coordinated wraparound services for high-need clients. It was expected that such a program could strengthen the referral process, reduce gaps in care, improve overall member care and ultimately improve client health outcomes.