Programming Connection

HIV Prevention Clinic 

Toronto General Hospital
Toronto, ON

Why Was the Program Developed?

In late 2011, before the HIV Prevention Clinic opened, some leaders in HIV care in Toronto recognized that a clinic that provides comprehensive HIV prevention services, including the provision of PEP and PrEP, could play a major role in helping to address both new HIV infections and an unmet need for new biomedical HIV prevention services in Toronto.

The Immunodeficiency Clinic at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) was well positioned to meet the need for biomedical HIV prevention services. TGH is located in an area of the city that is home to many people at high risk for HIV infection. Although the Immunodeficiency Clinic previously played a limited role in HIV prevention, it did have extensive experience providing high-quality, non-judgemental care for people living with HIV and was well set up to add prevention to its range of services.