Programming Connection

HIV Prevention Clinic 

Toronto General Hospital
Toronto, ON


The clinic assesses its success in a number of ways. Staff track clients who access PEP and complete the full course of the medication; how many clients transition successfully to PrEP among all those eligible; and how many clients access PrEP, remain engaged, and remain HIV negative.

As of February 2016, no PEP or PrEP clients have seroconverted. Two clients presented to the clinic to access PrEP with an acute HIV infection. Their infection was identified before they started PrEP. This highlights the importance of verifying a client’s HIV-negative status before PrEP initiation.

The HIV Prevention Clinic also carried out a retrospective review to assess how well they were engaging with, and retaining, PrEP clients. This was done over a two-year period by performing client chart reviews.

Over the course of two years:

  • 64 clients had an initial intake visit for PrEP
  • 45 (70%) initiated PrEP
  • 39 (87%) clients had complete adherence to follow-up visits (only six clients missed one clinic visit and no one missed more than one)

Evaluations have demonstrated the importance of STI screening and treatment in PrEP care. Eighteen percent of clinic clients have been diagnosed with a bacterial STI during follow-up. Evaluations have also demonstrated the importance of the sexual health counselling provided by the program. No new cases of HIV have been identified in PrEP clients at the clinic.