Programming Connection

HIV Prevention Clinic 

Toronto General Hospital
Toronto, ON


  • Reaching all those who could benefit from PEP or PrEP: The staff at the HIV Prevention Clinic believes that they are reaching only a small percentage of people in Toronto who could benefit from their holistic HIV prevention services. Reaching all people who need these services and increasing their knowledge of how these services can help them stay healthy or improve their health is a challenge. One proposed solution is to support PEP and PrEP provision in community settings by public health or primary care providers. Staff at the HIV Prevention Clinic conduct education sessions to train other healthcare providers to conduct HIV prevention care as a way to improve access to these services.
  • Knowledge about PrEP among primary care providers: There is a lack of knowledge among primary care providers about PrEP. This makes it challenging for clients to access PrEP. It also creates a challenge for the HIV Prevention Clinic to reach out to all primary care providers who are unaware of the benefits of PrEP and how to prescribe it.
  • Cost of PrEP: It can be a challenge for clients to pay for PrEP. However, Health Canada approved PrEP in 2016.  Each province and territory will now assess it for inclusion on public drug plans.