Programming Connection

The Power of One: Visualizing HIV Epidemiology 


What is the Program?

The Power of One turns statistics about HIV in Canada into an interactive exhibit with an art-gallery feel, allowing people to visually experience the scope of HIV’s impact. In the exhibit, each fact is visually represented with a pile of rice—each grain of rice represents one person. The exhibit is tailored as much as possible to present statistics relevant to the audience to whom it is being shown—statistics that are relevant to a group of teenage students will differ from those that are relevant to a group of HIV conference attendees. It works particularly well in university and school settings, at AIDS service organizations (ASOs), at conferences and almost anywhere that HIV outreach is required. The exhibit is inexpensive and highly adaptable. It can be mounted in a hallway to catch passersby or in a gymnasium in the style of an art exhibition. It can be on display for hours or months. At the core of the exhibit, regardless of its size or duration, is the selection of key statistics on HIV and more general statistics of relevance to the target audience where the exhibit is being held.