Programming Connection

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: The Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program 

The Ottawa Hospital

Required Resources

Community Liaison Program

  • Full-time outreach social worker. Builds and maintains relationships with clients and community-based service providers. Provides support and counselling to clients in the community.
  • Strong community partnerships to improve services for hard-to-reach clients in community-based settings.


  • Full-time outreach nurse. Provides education to healthcare providers and support and care to clients living in rural communities.
  • Outreach social worker. Works part-time with the Telemedicine Program to provide psychosocial support to Telemedicine Program clients over the phone or using the OTN.
  • Clinical coordinator. Works part-time with the Telemedicine Program to provide education and support to external stakeholders on the benefits of the Telemedicine Program and to provide ongoing coordination of care for telemedicine clients.
  • Physician. Provides care to clients, including monitoring clients on treatment, adjusting treatment if necessary and confirming treatment success once treatment is complete.