Programming Connection

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: The Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program 

The Ottawa Hospital


Community Liaison Program

The Hepatitis Program collected data on the number of clients met through the Community Liaison Program between October 2013 and March 2014.  These data are presented according to the type of organization that referred the clients:

  • addictions programs: 39
  • clinic/health centre: 27
  • correctional facilities: 5
  • drop-in centres: 1
  • methadone maintenance clinics: 42
  • shelters: 57
  • transitional housing: 2

Telemedicine Program

The Hepatitis Program has collected the following data for the Telemedicine Program between January 2014 and October 2014:

  • telemedicine sites engaged: 10
  • education sessions held at rural sites: 6
  • clients in care : 178
  • clients on treatment: 9 

Anecdotally, improvement in healthcare providers’ awareness and understanding of hepatitis C in the Ottawa Hospital’s catchment area has been seen in the last year. Physicians and nurses are more aware of the diagnostic tests needed to confirm the presence of hepatitis C. This increase in basic knowledge has meant that an increasing number of clients who are referred to the Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program have a confirmed hepatitis C diagnosis, which in the past was not always the case.

The success of these educational efforts and the awareness they have raised of hepatitis C and the Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program are demonstrated by the fact that the number of telemedicine appointments has increased significantly since the inception of the program. In the beginning, two or three appointments were scheduled weekly. As of October 2014, 10 appointments on the OTN are scheduled each week, and there is a wait list for clients seeking care through the OTN.