Programming Connection


Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIA)
Vancouver, British Columbia

What is the Program?

ORCHID uses a peer-based face-to-face outreach approach to educate women who engage in indoor sex work, helping them to feel comfortable engaging in intimate discussions about their sexual health in order to empower them to make competent, informed sexual health decisions. Outreach occurs in massage parlours where sex work takes place. On an annual basis, ORCHID maintains relationships with 25 to 34 massage parlours in and around Vancouver.

ORCHID’s services are offered in the first language spoken by the women, which is usually Mandarin or Cantonese. A research component of the project was established to better understand and document the educational needs, demographic characteristics and STI incidence of the target population. While this component is not required to implement ORCHID, it provides valuable information to the ORCHID team as well as HIV and STI testing services to the women in the massage parlours.