Programming Connection

The Maple Leaf PrEP Clinic 

Maple Leaf Medical
Toronto, ON


  • Some people who stand to benefit from PrEP can be difficult to reach because of issues related to not having a fixed address or contact information. It can also be difficult to keep people engaged in care (e.g., attending follow-up appointments where they would receive adherence counselling). This is an ongoing challenge that must be addressed across HIV prevention and treatment programs.
  • The cost of PrEP is a potential barrier. The cost is approximately $260/month. This may be covered partially by a provincial drug program or by private insurance. The clinic works with individuals to find solutions, such as linking people to the Trillium Drug Program in Ontario and/or helping them to navigate their insurance. The clinic also informs people of other options, as appropriate (e.g., purchasing PrEP from online suppliers located outside of Canada).
  • The clinic largely reaches gbMSM; ongoing outreach to non-gbMSM clients has been challenging. Reaching other populations, for example people who inject drugs, can be difficult because of the stigma experienced by this population when accessing health services. The clinic plans to focus on outreach to non-gbMSM populations in 2020 by targeting community-based organizations that serve other populations (e.g., sex workers, people in serodiscordant relationships, women, people who inject drugs).