Programming Connection

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) 

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)
Toronto, Ontario

Why Was the Program Developed?

Black CAP strives to find innovative ways to educate and empower members of the diverse community it serves. Particularly at risk for HIV infection within Toronto’s Black community are young GBT men, many of whom are marginalized by issues such as homophobia, anti-Black racism, immigration, HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and poverty. 3MV was adapted by Black CAP specifically to address this community.

In 2007, Black CAP became aware of innovative work being done with Black youth in New York City through a literature search and a review of current programs for Black MSM in Canada, the U.S. and UK. In particular, research-based prevention programs for Black MSM were being adapted across the U.S. by dozens of organizations through the DEBI Project. 3MV was one such program being implemented by People of Color in Crisis (POCC).

In 2008, Black CAP staff visited POCC in New York, and received initial training related to the delivery of 3MV. Black CAP staff then attended a second follow-up training with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) in New York City.

Following this, Black CAP adapted the intervention to address the specific needs of young GBT men in Toronto, delivering it as a pilot program in 2009 to 15 youth over three days and two nights. Based on feedback from the pilot, 3MV was further adapted and a second pilot was held later in 2009.