Programming Connection

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) 

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)
Toronto, Ontario

Required Resources

Human resources

Program Coordinator and Facilitators

Black CAP runs its 3MV workshop with three facilitators who are representative of the Black GBT community. One of the three facilitators is a dedicated Program Coordinator. At any given time during the workshop at least two facilitators are present.

All facilitators are members of the Black GBT community and must be:

  • Knowledgeable about STIs and HIV
  • Experienced in using principles of self-actualization techniques to empower youth
  • Comfortable facilitating highly personal discussions of social and cultural factors affecting behaviours related to sexual health             


There is one mentor per meal to assist with meal preparation and clean-up and to facilitate discussion. Mentors must be:

  • Comfortable sharing their life experiences as Black GBT men
  • Committed to participating in the preparation of meals

Research Assistants

For evaluation purposes, two research assistants (RAs) are required to conduct intake and exit interviews and take field notes during the weekend. The RAs have also doubled as recruiters during Black CAP’s 3MV pilot. RAs must approach all of their tasks with a non-judgmental, inclusive approach. To date, Black CAP has recruited all of its RAs from 3MV workshops.

Material resources

  • Food
  • Handouts
  • Location
  • Yoga mats, inflatable mattresses and other bedding for participants to sleep on

Financial resources

The program’s major expenses are:

  • Honourarium (currently $150 per participant, with an additional $25 for those completing a final post-workshop focus group conducted to evaluate the program)
  • Food (a minimum of eight meals for 20 people—15 participants plus 2-3 facilitators, 1 mentor and 1 RA per meal)
  • Fee for the use of location (which has varied from $500 as an honourarium given to an individual who donated the use of his private home to $2,000 for the rental of an entire floor in a university dorm for a weekend)

Subway tokens (for participants who require transportation)