Programming Connection

keepSIX Supervised Consumption Service 

South Riverdale Community Health Centre



Between November 2016 and September 2018:

  • There were 1,803 visits to keepSIX (average of 197 per month), by 342 unique service users. These numbers have gradually increased, from only 35 visits in the first full month of operation to 299 in August 2018.
  • Of all of the visits, 64% were by male service users and 33% were by female service users; 3% of visits were by people identified as “other” or not identified, and fewer than 1% were by people identified as trans.

Drugs and overdoses:

  • There were 2,225 total drug consumptions, with more than 75% being opioids (fentanyl, heroin, morphine).
  • There have only been 7 overdoses in this time, all of which were reversed by keepSIX staff, without the need to engage emergency medical services.

Other services and referrals:

  • The most common supportive services delivered at keepSIX were:
    • harm reduction/safer use education
    • support or counselling
    • first aid or primary care
  • The most common client referrals were to:
    • social services (e.g., housing)
    • internal primary care or clinical services at SRCHC
    • hospital

A large-scale, formal evaluation is underway at the time of writing. Informal client feedback has been consistently positive, with many users noting they feel safe, comfortable and supported. There is a high rate of return for service users, good uptake of other services and a low rate of overdoses.