Programming Connection

Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC) 

St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, British Columbia

Required Resources

Human resources

The IDC offers the most comprehensive primary care in British Columbia for people living with HIV. Because the clinic is part of St. Paul’s Hospital, it has access to the hospital’s diagnostic and treatment resources. Most of the specialists with whom IDC patients interact also have experience and knowledge about how to care for people living with HIV.

  1. Clinical nurse lead: 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE). Coordinates staffing, schedules and day-to-day operations. Available Monday to Friday.
  2. Dietitian: 1.0 FTE. Offers tailored nutrition support to the IDC’s patients, including links to meal supplement programs and education on food preparation and eating well.
  3. General practitioners: 2.8 FTE, covered by 12 physicians. Specialize in caring for people living with HIV. The clinic is staffed by two general practitioners each day who cover drop ins. Available Monday through Friday and on call by telephone outside clinic hours.
  4. Peer navigators: 4.0 FTE. Offer auxiliary support, including peer counselling and education and accompaniment services.
  5. Pharmacist: 0.7 FTE. Offers counselling on side effects, drug interactions and adherence. Supports the primary care team and offers advice on drug interactions, regimens and adherence. Available Monday to Friday.
  6. Reception staff: 6.0 FTE. Coordinate the administrative needs of the clinic. Available Monday to Friday.
  7. Registered nurses: 6.0 FTE, covered by 11 nurses. Nursing staff includes nurses who specialize in mental health, addictions and hepatitis C. Nurses triage patients coming in for scheduled appointments and drop-in visits, conduct staff nursing appointments, see patients for point-of-care testing, and do assessment and follow up for non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis. Available Monday through Friday.
  8. Social workers: 4.0 FTE. Social work staff includes an addictions specialist and a social worker who focuses primarily on research. Available Monday through Friday.