Programming Connection

Harm Reduction Dispensing Units 

Ottawa Public Health



Available data on the first few months of the program (September 2017 to December 2017) indicate:

  • 1,114 service encounters
  • 1,932 needles out
  • 1,410 stems out

Available data from January 2018 to December 2018 indicate:

  • 3,455 service encounters
  • 5,169 needles out
  • 5,628 stems out

A formal evaluation of the program is currently underway and data is being collected from service users as well as the sites that have HRDUs.

The survey for service providers is gathering information on:

  • promotion of the HRDUs in their organization
  • whether the HRDU program has affected their workload
  • if they are seeing fewer people in harm reduction programs
  • community complaints

The survey for service users is gathering information on:

  • use of the HRDUs and related harm reduction programs
  • the type of supplies that are available in the machines
  • when the HRDUs are being used
  • how service users heard about the HRDUs