Programming Connection

The H.E.R. Pregnancy Program 

Edmonton, Alberta

Required Resources

Accurate, unbiased information on pregnancy, substance use and healthy parenting

Women who use substances and experience poverty and/or mental health challenges can be healthy and loving parents. There is misinformation about pregnancy, substance use and healthy parenting and it is important to equip clients, staff and partners with accurate information.

Peer support workers and professional staff who embrace strengths-based and harm reduction approaches

Women come in to the H.E.R. program with a lot of guilt and self-blame. It is essential that staff empower and support women to see their own worth and achieve their short- and long-term goals.

Partnerships and skill building with a range of social service and health professionals

The H.E.R. program helps to link women with supports and services in the community. It is essential to build partnerships with other health and community services, including child protection services. It is also important to educate and develop the skills and abilities of these partners to work effectively with street-involved pregnant women.

Harm reduction supplies

Access to safer substance use equipment and resources is an important part of supporting pregnant women who may use substances.

Fetal heart monitor

Many women find it motivating and encouraging to hear their baby’s heart, especially when they are going through a challenging period. It is important to be able to offer prenatal supports such as fetal heart rate monitoring wherever women are at – on the street, in a detox or elsewhere – without the need to make an appointment.