Programming Connection

Enhanced Supportive Housing Program 

Dr. Peter Centre
British Columbia

What is the Program?

The Dr. Peter Centre, located in Vancouver, provides care and support to people living with HIV who are also coping with social disadvantages and concurrent health issues such as mental health conditions, addiction, hepatitis C, physical disabilities, homelessness and trauma. Through a range of services, the Dr. Peter Centre engages individuals in their healthcare with the goals of improved adherence to HIV treatment and improved overall health.

The Dr. Peter Centre operates three core programs:

  • The Day Health Program is open seven days a week and provides nursing support, counselling and nutrient-dense meals as well as art, music and recreation therapies.
  • The 24-hour Specialized Nursing Care Residence is a licensed long-term care facility that offers services from short-term stabilization to palliative care for people living with HIV who have multiple complex health disorders and social disadvantages.
  • The Enhanced Supportive Housing Program consists of individual furnished suites in close proximity to the Dr. Peter Centre and offers eligible residents of the 24-hour Specialized Nursing Care Residence a long-term place to live independently with a series of programmatic supports.

This case study will explore the Dr. Peter Centre’s three programs through the services offered to the residents of the Enhanced Supportive Housing Program.