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Ontario Hepatitis C Team: Elevate NWO 

Elevate NWO

Lessons Learned

There are a number of lessons the hepatitis C team has learned in doing their work:

  1. Use a team approach. A team approach provides clients with multidisciplinary support and a one-stop shop for healthcare, case management, harm reduction supplies and referrals. It’s also helpful for staff to be able to draw on the expertise of colleagues.
  2. Use an integrated approach. Elevate NWO became more effective at meeting the needs of clients when hepatitis C and HIV services were integrated. More resources were available for clients and more support was available for team members.
  3. Make community work meaningful. Building a community network on an issue such as hepatitis C can be challenging because service providers are already very busy. One strategy that Elevate NWO has used to increase engagement in the network is to ensure that the work of the committee directly influences the work of committee members. This way, each member has a stake in the network’s activities and may be more engaged.