Programming Connection

Around the Kitchen Table 

Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Program, BC Centre for Disease Control
British Columbia


  • Delays are often encountered because of major events in the community, such as births, illness and death.
  • Lack of ability for some facilitators to commit to the project given other responsibilities; it is important to recruit four facilitators to account for this.
  • One facilitator in any one community may become overburdened with an uneven distribution of work among the team; this can be avoided by asking teams to identify individual strengths during training in order to lend clarity to roles and help distribute the work.
  • The kinds of outcomes being sought involve change in some deeply rooted attitudes and behaviours, which takes time and are hard to measure. To reach more long-term outcomes with this initiative, a sustained program over time would be needed. This involves ongoing funding and refresher trainings for community facilitators to update their knowledge.