Programming Connection

Non-clinic based testing 

Evidence reviews

Rapid point-of-care HIV testing – A review of the evidence to support the impact of rapid point-of-care testing on HIV testing uptake, acceptability, receipt of results and other outcomes.

HIV point-of-care testing in Canadian settings: A scoping review (CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS [REACH 2.0]) – The focus of this scoping review is to understand what is known about the use and implementation of HIV point-of-care testing in Canadian settings, to identify knowledge gaps in the evidence base and to provide evidence that will help shape and set research priorities.

Task-shifting in HIV testing services – This evidence review outlines findings on task-shifting in HIV testing programs, focusing on available evidence related to the accuracy, acceptability and uptake of HIV testing services by lay providers.

Evidence briefs

Project HEAL Hepatitis C screening and linkage to care program – Project HEAL provides low-barrier testing and treatment for homeless and underhoused individuals

Pharmacist-provided HIV point-of-care testing – A pilot program that used pharmacists to provide HIV point-of-care testing in Canadian pharmacies

Peer outreach point-of-care testing for hepatitis C – Peer outreach workers using point-of-care testing to test and link people who inject drugs to hepatitis C care

EASY HCV-test – A point-of-care hepatitis C testing initiative in an Italian dental clinic

Peer distribution of HIV self-test kits – An HIV testing program where peers distributed HIV self-tests to their social and sexual networks


New HIV testing approaches – Watch this webinar to see how program planners have implemented new approaches to HIV testing in a wide range of venues: dental clinics, prisons, pharmacies and more.

Program models

Case study

A rapid, anonymous HIV testing service offered in partnership with local organizations that have expertise with clients most at-risk for HIV.

Program element

An STBBI testing program that integrates a registered nurse within a harm reduction supply distribution room.

Case study

Three Vancouver dental clinics introduce rapid HIV screening in their practices.

Case study

A peer-based program that offered low-barrier HIV testing and connection to care through street fairs and in community organizations

Case study

An anonymous rapid POC HIV testing pilot in two Ontario correctional facilities.

Case study

A Vancouver STOP Project initiative that increases the number of sites that routinely offer HIV testing to people disproportionately affected by HIV.