Programming Connection

The PhotoVoice Project – Connection Youth at Risk 

Northern AIDS Connection Society
Truro, NS

The PhotoVoice Project is designed for marginalized and vulnerable LGBTQ youth aged 14 to 29 as a means to explore identity and self-expression while at the same time providing sexual health education and mental health support. This project takes place in Truro, Nova Scotia, where participants are given disposable cameras and asked to take pictures to express their personal journeys. Participants meet weekly over the span of 14 weeks to share and discuss their photos as well as engage in conversation around gender identity, sex, bullying, self-esteem and substance use. The program started six years ago after the Northern AIDS Connection Society (NACS) decided that they wanted greater involvement of marginalized people in their work. They chose to use photography as a way to engage youth and provide them with support and education around HIV, Hep C, STBBIs, and sexual and mental health.

Albert McNutt, who supervises the project and is the Director of NACS, says: “It’s the adaptability of the program that makes it successful. The group dictates what they want to focus on and the discussions shift according to people’s needs.”

The 2016 program has expanded to include parents and guardians after it became apparent that the adults needed support and guidance as well.

The outcomes from PhotoVoice have been positive, with participants saying they experience greater self-esteem and self-awareness at the end of the program, and feel more connected to resources and community services.

For more information about the PhotoVoice Project contact Albert McNutt at or call 902-895-0931.