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Hep C…Get Tested Campaign  

Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS

The Hep C … Get Tested campaign by the Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia (HepNS) not only encourages people of all demographics and backgrounds to get tested, but also raises awareness around Hep C transmission and stigma. HepNS saw a need to educate people about the various risks of Hep C transmission and to debunk the belief that testing is not applicable to people who don’t inject drugs.

Each of the 11 posters features a photo of a different target population, such as women or baby boomers, and includes a checklist of 21 activities and behaviours ranging from having a piercing to playing contact sports. “By making it relatable to everybody, it grabs people’s attention,” says Alex MacDonnell, Program Coordinator. “We wanted to bring awareness to all the ways that people could have been exposed to Hep C.” The posters have received positive feedback from service providers across Halifax, and there are plans to distribute the posters throughout the province.

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