Programming Connection

Yukon CondomFairy Campaign 

Blood Ties Four Directions Centre
Whitehorse, YT

Blood Ties Four Directions Centre has launched the Yukon CondomFairy Campaign to promote condom use amongst youth, aged 13 to 25, who live in the Yukon. This initiative was started in late March 2016 with the goal of preventing sexually transmitted infections and the transmission of HIV.

Their main message is "Condoms don't just magically appear. You can't count on the condom fairy, but you can rely on your friends. Don't be shy about asking for a condom or offering one to a friend." This message has been printed on campaign posters and on interior bus ads in Whitehorse.

Sarah Cloutier and Samantha Hand are the two health educators who work on this initiative. Sarah said: “It’s important to normalize condom use in a positive and humorous way because that’s what young people respond to. We want to make these conversations less awkward.”

Blood Ties has also created a separate Facebook page, which allows the educators to engage youth on the topic of safer sex and reinforce existing support systems.

Although this campaign has only just started, they have already distributed a total of 150 posters, 4,000 condoms and 400 stickers to 65 partnering organizations located in urban and rural communities.

They will distribute free materials until their supplies run out and will continue providing information on social media for the next couple of months. For more information about this campaign, visit their Facebook page.