HIV in Canada: A primer for service providers



Over the course of the past 30 years there has been an explosive growth in our collective knowledge of HIV prevention, care, treatment and support and of the individuals and communities most impacted by the virus. However, this knowledge has tended to emerge sporadically from many different communities, disciplines and areas of specialization.

Consequently, our understanding of HIV prevention, care, treatment and support has remained fragmented, with few mechanisms and processes in place to enable different stakeholders to integrate and exchange knowledge to strategically pursue coordinated opportunities for advancing the response to HIV in Canada.

This resource was developed as a primer for service providers. It provides a comprehensive overview of HIV for frontline workers, including epidemiology, prevention, testing, treatment and care for people with or at risk for HIV. It is meant to inform a more integrated approach to HIV across the continuum of care at the frontlines of our response. HIV in Canada is a living document and is regularly revised to reflect current knowledge of HIV in Canada.