HIV in Canada: A primer for service providers


Drug Interactions

Key Points

  • Prescription drugs, non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs, street drugs, herbal products and supplements can potentially cause drug interactions.
  • It is important that healthcare providers know about all the drugs or products a patient is taking to help avoid drug interactions.

A range of prescription drugs, non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs, street drugs and herbal products may cause interactions with antiretroviral therapy (ART). Some HIV drugs may also affect the effectiveness of various prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and herbal products.

Healthcare providers need to know all the drugs – prescription, over-the-counter and street drugs – that people with HIV are using, as well as any herbs and supplements, to advise them about avoiding drug interactions. The routine inclusion by the physician of non-judgemental questions about the use of any other drugs, herbs or supplements in the patient consultation may be a simple method of encouraging such disclosure. Pharmacists also play an important role in avoiding drug interactions.


HIV/HCV Drug Therapy Guide – Toronto General Hospital

HIV drug interactions – University of Liverpool


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